A Recent Graduate’s Guide to Job Hunting

I’m a little surprised to be writing this piece. I thought yoga instructors would endorse Pepsi before it came to this. But I decided to take a leap of faith and put my knowledge out into the world. There are so many ways to approach this topic. I could be edgy, swearing in every other sentence and throwing… Continue reading A Recent Graduate’s Guide to Job Hunting


Even the lights from the screen will do

“How does this look?” “Shabby.” “Mom!” “You can’t look like this, it’s Diwali. Wear some bangles and please take off that horrible hair clip.” I enjoyed the familiarity of these arguments as I watched my mother decorate the house. It was night and the air was thick with smoke from firecrackers. Occasionally, an explosion would… Continue reading Even the lights from the screen will do


A Love Affair With Language

“I can’t believe he said amount of people, the idiot.” I’ve spent half a lifetime wincing at incorrectly placed commas, mixed up words and split infinitives. “Your going home” hurts my teeth and “the city still has it’s charm” makes me crawl under a blanket. Pointing out grammatical mistakes is a thankless job, and I… Continue reading A Love Affair With Language


How to Ace Exams – A Handy Guide

Welcome to finals, where the rules are made up and the points will affect every step of your adult life. (How’s that for a cheerful opening line?) You know that time of year. Economics textbooks replace Archie Comics. When you accidentally name your angle “BAE,” you don’t want to Snapchat it. Biology textbooks are no longer… Continue reading How to Ace Exams – A Handy Guide