I didn’t want the “1” after “VitaminBS,” but a biotechnology blogger got to the title before I did. I lost to science, just like I did throughout high school.

You’re here for one of two reasons:

1. You have nothing to do and Netflix is acting up.
2. You finally decided to take my hints and check out my blog.

Either way, I’ll try to keep you here as long as I can. Without hiding your keys, I mean.

I rant, I give advice, and I tell stories – so let it never be said that my doses of vitamins aren’t varied. Take your pick and read, why don’t you? And if you want me to write for you, let’s talk.

36 thoughts on “About

      1. A stranger to you but a kin by such. just read your post- love Bangalore. I am 9000 miles away and I couldn’t have had a better validation.

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  1. One cannot go through the posts without a biiig grin on their face and yet, move very easily to an emotional state maybe on the very next post. You lady, have an amazing hold on the way you rant, advise and spin the yarn. You are pretty true to your pseudonym and the dosage is just correct. Liked your blog and the way you have kept things organized! Do check mine out too here http://wp.me/4EGyN and please let me know your thoughts!
    Have fun, Merry Christmas 🙂

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  2. Thank you for visiting and deciding to follow my blog. I’m grateful because it has provided me an opportunity to ‘meet’ you and see what you do here – and I like what you do here very much! I particularly liked your post about language. I hope to visit with you often!


  3. Hey, you might find these things silly, but I went ahead and nominated your blog for the Infinity Dreams award. If you want more information on it, you can read my post here:


    If you’re not interested in the award, you can just see what I said about you below:

    Shreya of VitaminBS–whose blog I hope has real nutritive value as a supplement, because I’ve been chewing on its topics regularly lately, and I’m having these weird side effects…


  4. Hiya! Well, vitamins are essential to your body. As a result, I need them. LOTS of them. Got yourself a follower, my friend 🙂 I ADORE your style of writing, by the way!

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  5. Hi. Certified lover of your writing over here, don’t mind me just rifling through all these posts. I’ve been quite deficient for a while so this should be good to me.
    You’re hilarious and I love your insight on things and your little stories and opinions.
    Looking forward to more giggles and enlightenment. ❤

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  6. Thanks for following me! I must have missed the alert I got which said you were following me. Checking my follows, I seem to have missed quite a few! Thanks, again.
    And I really enjoyed your About page! You have a sense of humor that resonates with me!

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