Gilmore Girls – Unpopular Opinion #6: Relatable Rory?!

Rory’s high school to college transition is the only thing about her I can relate to. I don’t think she peaked in high school, I think she just discovered the bottomless pool of distractions that is college life.

When I was in school, I woke up before 7 every morning and exercised (even though I hated it). I took extra classes after school, came home and did homework, and somehow managed to cram at least three hours of reading into each day. I ate no junk food during the week, I didn’t watch TV unless it was summer vacation, I spent barely any money. I didn’t drink coffee, I don’t remember being tired even once.  

And then college happened. 

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-05 at 13.52.46

Suddenly, I forgot that early mornings were a thing, and I blatantly abused all my pocket money on oil and sugar. I stayed up all night watching trash movies and eating Lays, I caught up on sleep in class. If someone was rude enough to point out that I should be awake for at least some part of the day, I drowned my sadness in caffeine. And I pretty much abandoned that reading habit I’d perfected over the years.  

In general, it’s pretty hard for me to relate to Rory. If I sassed my teachers and parents and grandparents the way she did, I promise you I wouldn’t have lived to see my college acceptances. She literally told Emily “I think you’re being really dumb” at the end of Season 3. I just want to know how the elders in Rory’s life allow her to mouth off to them so often and then make lovey-dovey eyes when Lorelai says that she’s a sweet, even-tempered kid. Is this what it’s like to grow up in a non-desi household?    

Anyway, I digress. This transition was the only time I really related to her. Things changed so drastically between school and college for me that I’m forced to wonder if the whole “it be like that because you are on that phone” thing is true. 

One thought on “Gilmore Girls – Unpopular Opinion #6: Relatable Rory?!

  1. Watching Gilmore girls has made me realize that I am a terrible mother after watching Lorelei. I shockingly relate with Emily on so many occasions (except I’m not rich which only makes things worse). And you are right- Rory is not relatable. But what a fantastic series.


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