Gilmore Girls – Unpopular Opinion #3: Rory should’ve married Logan

I obviously don’t push every person in my life to marry early. If you’re 22 and single, please focus on your career. If you’re 22 and in a relationship you’re not sure about, please focus on your career. But if you’re at a crossroads in your career and are in a stable, loving relationship, why not anchor yourself to it? Marriage only means the end of your career if: (1) you make that decision (good for you!) or (2) you marry a terrible person who forces that decision on you (Logan would never). 

Rory had no professional life yet. Her personal life, however, was going really well. She could’ve accepted Logan’s proposal and moved to the West coast. She would’ve had a fun new life with a mature boy who had learnt enough life lessons and was more responsible now. Does San Francisco not have jobs?

Rory could have started a new life away from the shadows of her mother, which, God knows she needed. Maybe she would have had better coffee. Maybe she would have been peer-pressured into eating a salad once in a while. And she definitely would have been surrounded by overachieving desi kids who built supercomputers before she could say “Pop Tart.” Nothing deflates an ego like an eleven-year-old rocket scientist who invented a new musical instrument because he was bored last weekend. 

Gilmore Girls brainwashed us into believing that real feminism means turning down a marriage proposal and ruining a lovely relationship, even if that’s the only steady thing going on in your life. I said what I said. 

PS: What a shock, I’m #TeamLogan. You deserve better, dude.

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