Gilmore Girls – Unpopular Opinion #2: Justice for Mitchum Huntzberger

Mitchum Huntzberger was not very nice to Logan but he was perfectly polite to Rory when the rest of the family insulted her. He did not deserve to be written as a villain. Did he mock Rory in front of the staff? Did he make up vague reasons when he told her she didn’t have what it took to be a journalist? No. He was nice enough to talk to her in private and give her a list of (very valid) reasons why she wasn’t reporter material.

Mitchum is always full of good advice

There’s a phrase commonly used to describe such a conversation. It’s called constructive feedback. Even if Mitchum came off as a bit blunt, Rory could have taken the essence of what he said and done better. But why admit you’re less than perfect when your mom is waiting in the sidelines with some donuts and a reassuring “everyone who criticises you has an agenda, baby”?

Which brings me to the essence of my rant: Lorelai’s handling of the situation. She couldn’t tell her daughter that in life, people will sometimes have harsh things to say to you and that it takes all kinds of feedback to grow? She couldn’t have stayed calm and calculated while Rory was freaking out? Girl, you deserved that five-month tantrum from your daughter. You fed this monster, and you made me watch the 32-year-old version of her whine about not being able to keep track of her underwear.

(Okay, you didn’t make me watch that. But you told her she’s the star on top of the Christmas tree and now she’s grown up to prove Mitchum Huntzberger right. So I win, figment of Amy Sherman Palladino’s imagination.)

PS: Mitchum also gave Rory some sound career advice. If someone gives you a shot, be grateful for it and take it – even if you feel like you didn’t earn it. It’s what you do with what you’re given that matters. Seriously, #JusticeForMitchum.

One thought on “Gilmore Girls – Unpopular Opinion #2: Justice for Mitchum Huntzberger

  1. So much of this I agree. I didn’t think Mitchum said anything earth shattering to Rory. But I do think her response stems from the fact that she was a kid. A kid whose intelligence, hard work and life choices were deemed useless by a seemingly powerful man whose opinions (everyone knew) mattered. Should Lorelei have asked Rory to take a chill-pill? Heck yea. Should she also have believed that her daughter was the star on the top of a Christmas tree who didn’t deserve a powerful man poo-poo-ing all over her dreams? Yes ma’am. I mean, what would the world become if mothers of all people start sounding like a well meaning friend at best? I particularly enjoyed how Lorelei believes in Rory with such conviction 🙂


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