Gilmore Girls – Unpopular Opinions

Look, there’s really no good way for me to start this series. I didn’t grow up watching TV, so I didn’t know Gilmore Girls existed until the show came to Netflix in 2014. And I have nothing to show for the last five years other than stories of how much Gilmore Girls I watched and re-watched while cooking and folding my socks. 

Gilmore Girls got me through a lot – moving cities, moving countries, bad days at work, bad days in general. And I am showing my gratitude by picking on these poor caffeine-fuelled people from a town where it snows on cue – over a decade later.

So let’s just launch headfirst into the Gilmore Girls opinions you’re not ready to hear yet – straight from the stubby fingers of the girl who’s spent the last five years re-watching every single episode a hundred times. Needless to say, these have spoilers. And needless to say, you’re not allowed to disagree with me.

#1: Mrs. Kim was not the “borderline abusive mom.” Lorelai was. 

You mean Lane’s mom won’t allow her impressionable, innocent, very hormonal teenage daughter to go on dates until she’s old enough to handle the (sometimes bad) consequences? You mean she will restrict TV time and prioritise homework? You mean she is a regular strict parent who wants her instructions to be respected because teenagers sometimes don’t understand these things as well as adults do? Why I’m shocked. 

Every other opinion of Mrs. Kim online reads “abusive mom.” And I’m not saying she’s always right but if you’re calling a mom on Gilmore Girls abusive, shouldn’t it be Lorelai? I’m convinced the woman has been trying to kill Rory since she was born. She raised her in a potting shed because her parents were slightly controlling, dumped the only teacher who was nice to Rory in a hostile school, and continues to pump caffeine, sugar and cheese into this growing child without once throwing in a vegetable. If Lorelai weren’t a pretty girl with a witty mouth, this would be a crime show. 

For more hot takes to go with your coffee and stale leftovers, stay tuned.

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