Misery Cards for Bibliophiles

Sometimes, our enemies aren’t idiots whose favourite literature is the back of a cereal box. They’re a little too well-read, and it’s hard to insult them. But stay calm, for even they can be hit where it hurts. And today, I present to you some handy cards to burn the book-lovers.










You’re welcome. And next time, make enemies you can easily insult, okay?

Now this may surprise you, but I didn’t actually write these on a chalkboard. A weird combination of search terms threw this link at me. 

6 thoughts on “Misery Cards for Bibliophiles

  1. Lol, your curses have cut me to the quick. As a book-lover, I am petrified with horror at the thought of my favorite reading cafe being noisy and crowded, or of never finding a comfortable reading position again. 🙂

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